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Secure Internet-of-Things Hardware Design

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Remote controlled design with LoRa, BLE, WiFi and GSM

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Rapid Product Prototyping

Internet of Things

Special Brands specializes in bringing remotely controlled and secure (IoT) devices to companies who lack the in-house knowledge. This can be done with LoRa, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi or GSM.

Rapid Product Prototyping

Special Brands' experience with Rapid Prototyping and Customer Development means a rapid time to market with features the end-user needs and uses.

Seamless Integration

Special Brands can help make end-users' experience seamless and ubiquitous within your platform or solution.

Customer Development

We can help develop Consumer Solutions using Lean Startup methodologies.

Online Education

We can help develop Training or Education.


We can help create a Immutable Digital Ledger.


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